Starfish Beach

Starfish Beach sits on the inside point of Isla Colon where the water is calm, clear, and full of starfish. It is a great place to pass the afternoon and boats can pull straight up to the shore to drop you off. You can also access starfish beach by car by going to Bocas del Drago and walking 15 minutes around the point. Bocas del Drago also has a great caribbean restaurant called Yarisnori which we strongly recommend. Starfish Beach Bocas del Toro

Close by attractions include Bocas del Drago and Bird Island.

Bird Island, Bocas del Toro, Panama

In the mornings and evenings sandflies, locally called chitras, can be bothersome at Starfish. Make sure to bring bug spray along with your sunscreen. The best time to visit is the middle of a sunny day.


Starfish Beach Bocas del Toro