Crawl Cay

Crawl Cay is known as the best destination for snorkeling in Bocas del Toro. Crawl cay is located inside Old Point, The Zapatillas, and other shallow reefs, which all serve as a wall against waves from the open ocean. The waters are calm and clear year round and the reefs are in shallow waters which is good for snorkeling. The colors and natural designs of the reef are bright and will surely fascinate. snorkeling bocas del toro


En Crawl Cay there are two restaurants that sell food typical of Bocas del Toro. They have many types of fish and seafood normally acompanied with rice or patacones. The prices for the restaurants in Crawl Cay are usually between $8 and $15.

Please be thoughtful of our environment and do not stand on or touch the coral. The reef is very delicate and can be harmed easily. In many cases, boat captains will not issue fins at Crawl Cay. This is done to stop people from standing on the reefs.

Crawl Cay is cloee to The Zapatillas and Red Frog Beach and day tours can be arranged to include all locations.

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snorkeling bocas del toro